AM-SCA-N with PLS Series
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Water Wash Exhaust Ventilator with Make-Up Air Accessory

AquaMatic's ETL Listed AM-SCA-N is a canopy style exhaust ventilator with an automatic internal water wash system. The perforated linear supply air plenum accessory (PLS) provides up to 90% make-up air.

The AM-SCA-N is a Type 1 compensating canopy utilizing high velocity slot type grease extraction with an automatic internal water wash system, and integrated wash and rinse cycles. The AM-SCA-N is suitable for wall mounted, back-to-back, or single island applications.

  • ETL Listed and ETL Sanitation Listed Product
  • Automatic Internal Water Wash System
  • Choice of Electromechanical or Solid State Programmable Control Panels
  • Superior Exhaust Flow Rates
  • Exceptional Capture and Containment of Cooking Vapors
  • Wall, Single Island, or Back-to-Back Configurations
  • 100% Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Front Exposed Corners Ground and Polished to Match Grain of Ventilator
  • Double Wall, Insulated Front
  • Grease Extracting Cartridges
  • Grease Drain System
  • Removable Access Doors for Exhaust Plenum Access
  • Pre-punched Hanging Angles
  • Factory Pre-wired Lighting
  • Face Mounted Light Switches Optional
  • PLS Accessory Features:
       -- 90% Air Delivery with Max 200 CFM/ft
       -- Low Discharge Velocities
       -- Directs Air into Hood's Capture Area
       -- Even Distribution of Air Across Length of Ventilator
       -- Stainless Steel Construction to Match Ventilator


AM-2 Control Panel provides push button operation with relay control of the exhaust and make-up air fans as well as the cleaning cycle of the ventilator. The time period of the rinse cycle is adjustable up to 3 minutes. The control panel includes a combination pressure/temperature gauge, shock absorber, pressure reducing valve, water solenoid valve, detergent pump, line strainer, and gate valve. See product specification sheet for details.

  • Utility Cabinet
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Electrical Controls
  • Back Supply Air Plenum
  • Dry Slot with No Internal Wash System
  • Cold Water Mist
  • ETL Listed Exhaust Fire Damper
  • Supply Volume/Fire Damper Assembly (in PLS)
  • Enclosure Panels to Ceiling
  • End Panels
  • Lighting:
       -- Recessed Incandescent
       -- Recessed Fluorescent
  • Roof Top Packages
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Make-Up Air Units:
       -- Untempered Units
       -- Direct Gas Fired Heated Units
       -- Indirect Gas Fired Heated Units
       -- Electric Heated Units
       -- Heating & Cooling Coils

AquaMatic® offers a total system to insure maximum installation and operating efficiencies. Components consist of the ventilator, fire system and electrical controls contained within an integral utility cabinet, and fan packages including exhaust, untempered and tempered make-up air packages. Fire suppression systems include final hookup and inspection. Call your AquaMatic Representative for more details.

Avg. Cooking Surface Temp. (°F) Configuration Min. Exhaust CFM/ft. Max Suggested Supply CFM/ft via MUA Plenum
600°F - Ovens, Steamers, Kettles, Open-Burner Ranges, Griddles, Fryers, Gas Charbroilers, Electric Charbroilers Single Wall Hood

2 Wall Hoods Back-to-Back




The ventilator shall provide flexibility in designing kitchen ventilation equipment and shall be tested and listed for use over light, medium and heavy duty cooking surfaces, maximum 600°F.

The ventilator shall be 100% constructed of Type 304 stainless steel with #3 or #4 polish on all surfaces. All seams shall be welded or in conformance with UL standards. Front exposed corners shall be ground and polished to match the ventilator grain. Individual component construction shall be determined by manufacturer and ETL. Construction shall be dependent on the structural application to minimize distortion and other defects. All seams, joints and penetrations of the ventilator where grease-laden vapors and exhaust gases are present, must be liquid-tight, continuous welds in accordance with NFPA 96.

The ventilator shall be constructed to include:

  • A double wall insulated front to eliminate condensation and increase rigidity. The insulation shall have a flexural modulus of 475 EI, meet UL 181 requirements and be in accordance with NFPA 90A and 90B.
  • A full length, horizontal exhaust inlet slot and a series of fixed baffles for grease removal.
  • An integral front baffle to direct grease-laden vapors toward the exhaust filter bank.
  • An integral drain system on the ventilator back. Multiple end-to-end ventilators can be manifolded to one common drain.
  • A supply air plenum to provide make-up air through perforated stainless steel diffuser plates, designed to provide even air distribution.
  • A built-in wiring chase for electrical controls on the front face of the ventilator designed to avoid penetration of the capture area and eliminate the need for an external chaseway.
  • UL incandescent light fixtures and globes, allowing up to a 100 watt standard light bulb, installed and pre-wired to a junction box and installed with a maximum of 3'-6" spacing on center.
  • Exhaust duct collar 5" high with 1" flange.
  • A minimum of four connections for hanger rods. Connectors shall have 9/16" holes pre-punched in 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" angle iron at the factory to allow for hanger rod connection by others.
  • Heavy duty, removable grease extracting cartridge, with size and quantity determined by the hood's dimensional parameters, not to exceed 60" in length.

The ventilator shall be ETL Listed as "Exhaust Hoods Without Exhaust Damper", ETL Listed to Canadian Safety Standards, ETL Sanitation Listed and built in accordance with NFPA 96.

Manufacturer shall furnish complete computer generated submittal drawings including ventilator section view(s), plan view(s), duct sizing, and CFM and static pressure requirements. Static pressure, air velocity and air volume requirements indicated on drawings shall be precise and accurate and ventilator shall preform to said specifications. Drawings shall be available to the engineer, architect and owner for their use in construction, operation and maintenance.




The AM-SCA-N Model has been certified by ITS. This certification mark indicates that the product has been tested to and has met the minimum requirements of a widely recognized (consensus) U.S. and Canadian products safety standard, that the manufacturing site has been audited, and that the applicant has agreed to a program of periodic factory follow-up inspections to verify continued performance.

Models AM-SCA-N are ETL Listed under file number 3054804-001 and complies with UL710, ULC710 and ULC-S646 Standards.