Smart Controls

Standard LCD Screen with
Optional Demand Control Ventilation

Smart Controls

Features & Benefits

  • Digital Interface with LCD Screen
  • Customizable Options via Microprocessor Control
  • Plug and Play Wiring between Digital Interface and Equipment
  • Reduces High Voltage Wiring between Devices
  • Alarm notifications displayed in English to improve installation quality
  • Automatic Fan Operation - meets IMC Code 507.2.1.1
  • Integrated Reset for Electric Gas Valves
  • Monitoring of Fan Overload Trips

Demand Control Option

  • Automatically modulates fans based on cooking load. Modulation allows for energy savings compared to fans running on high speed during cooking operation.
  • Max Airflow Override and real-time energy savings displayed
  • Preparation Time Function: Exhaust fans will automatically turn on at low CFM and lock-out dedicated make-up air. Designed for morning operation when light food preparation is being performed.
  • Cool Down Function: At the end of cooking operations, the exhaust fans will automatically turn down to a low CFM and lock-out dedicated make-up air. Designed for equipment cool-down period at the end of the night.
  • Wiring between VFDs and Control Board is simplified with the use of CAT-5