CORE Fire Protection

The prevention and defense of fire in commercial kitchens is critical. CORE Protection is designed to provide primary coverage for hood plenum, grease ductwork and cooking appliances.

CORE Fire Protection

Water-Based Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens

CORE Protection provides superior fire protection for commercial kitchens and is ideal for use in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and other similar facilities.

Robust and reliable protection is provided by two main components: Total Flood Protection for appliances and Duct & Plenum coverage. Total Flood offers simplified piping and nozzle placement to cover all appliances in the hazard zone under the hood. Duct and Plenum coverage is provided via a spray bar that extends the full length of the hood immediately behind the filters in the hood. The spray bar also provides automatic washdown of the duct and plenum to minimize grease build-up in the hood plenum and duct.

The system is capable of automatic detection and actuation via an electric thermal detector located in the hood and duct connection. When the temperature exceeds the rating of the sensors, the CORE Protection is engaged. The superior cooling effects of water are utilized for rapid flame knockdown and quick extinguishing of the fire. Remote manual activation is also available via a remote pull station.

Features & Benefits

  • Electric Fire Detection – reliable activation every time
  • Real-time Monitoring – electronic supervision and monitoring of system components
  • Self Cleaning – daily wash-down of duct and plenum reduces fire hazard
  • Microprocessor Based Control – instant notification of problems with the system
  • Total Flood Coverage – allows for appliances to be interchanged or upgraded within the hazard area
  • Simplified Nozzle Placement – installed a max of 36" apart and 30-55 inches above the cooking surface
  • Continuous Water Spray – injected with surfactant to spray on hazard and plenum