Ecology Unit

Ecology Unit

The Aquamatic Ecology Unit is designed specifically for the removal of smoke and grease particles from the air stream of commercial kitchen exhaust systems and to eliminate or reduce odor to an acceptable level if equipped with the optional odor control section. The AM-PCU is designed for use with an Aquamatic high efficiency self-cleaning or baffle ventilator but may be used with other high efficiency exhaust hoods.

The typical Ecology Unit includes a washable steel pre-filter and disposable, high efficiency, (MERV 15) media filter. A HEPA final filter module is available for smoke control, and odor control is handled via an optional 50/50 blend carbon/permanganate module. Sizes range in capacity up to 20,000 CFM. The Ecology Unit is ETL listed to standard UL710 and is suitable for indoor or outdoor installations.


  • Constructed specifically to meet kitchen exhaust duct standards.
  • Optional Odor Removal Module.
  • Optional HEPA Filter Module.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • Unit may be shipped in one piece or in sections to facilitate entry and installation.
  • Optional Pre Filter
  • Fully modulating Digital Temperature Control


  • Pre-engineered for the most efficient and cost-effective systems.
  • Listed by ETL Testing Laboratories, assuring acceptance by local building officials.
  • Service network of over 100 factory trained agencies responding to your service needs.
  • Two year parts warranty.

Advanced Filter Monitoring System (Optional)

The Advanced Filter Monitoring includes a module that provides the necessary precision pressure measurements for accurate monitoring of the complete system. Based on the measurements, the module will then initiate actions via the electric control package and give readings to the user. Direct access to the operating conditions are provided through the use of an HMI (human machine interface), which is conveniently located inside the Ecology Unit.

Advanced Filter Monitoring Benefits

  • Sustainability — Extends life of various filters, address specific filters which need replacement based on monitoring
  • Ease of Installation and Startup — automatic calibration of the system via HMI
  • Maintenance — Provides advanced notice, pinoints specific faults to address
  • Reliability — Ensures proper operation of the unit
  • Monitors Pressure Drop across each filter module of the unit
  • Missing Door or Missing Filter Indication — fans and cooking equipment will shut off if faults indicated
  • Detects Filter Saturation Percentage

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is an electronic air cleaner that charges the dirty air stream to a high level and collects the particles on metal plates, removing particles from the discharge. ESP cell(s) inside the module are comprised of metal plates and ceramic isolators for durability. Our ESP has an integrated self-cleaning system to reduce maintenance costs associated with comparable mechanical-type filters.

  • Less Maintenance – Self-cleaning system reduces filter maintenance
  • Lower Pressure Drop – Lower pressure drop than comparable mechanical filters
  • Engineered to Your Needs – Flexible filter module configuration
  • Superior Durability – Spiked rigid plate ionizer ensures superior durability; more durable than wire-type ESPs
  • Powerful Ionization – 104 watt power supply with +13kVDC output